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Shaleeka Jayalath

Principal Colombo School of Arts and Sciences (CSA)

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At CSA we are committed to ensuring that each student’s school experience is as good as it possibly can be. As such, it is important to us that prospective students understand how the CSA model of education is both unique and student-centric. The UNIVISER tech platform has given us the opportunity to ensure that an unbiased, honest and objective view of the school is communicated to students hoping to join by allowing them to connect with alumni and staff through the school website.

Our partnership with UNIVISER has enabled us to connect with students looking for a truly transformational educational experience, and we look forward to working together with UNIVISER to continue delivering a quality experience to all school students who deserve a strong foundation for life.

Nevindaree Premarathne

Senior Manager - Startup Ecosystem Development at Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka

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Univiser is one of the well-performed startups in Spiralation cohort 2019. Spiralation is the government incubator/accelerator program for technology startups in Sri Lanka. Univiser has kept the problem they aim to solve very clear, and the solution that addresses it with very well-grounded to creating value through viability. Univiser was able to onboard most of the prominent educational institutes in Sri Lanka when the startup was at an early stage as they identified the pain point of the client to the point. This has been especially refreshing in light of maturity and business understanding. I have no doubt that they will grow to be a global education technology company, that is only getting started in its exciting journey.

Madu Ratnayake

EVP & CIO, Virtusa | Board Member | Digital Growth Leader

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"I've know Ismail and closely watched how Univiser grow from idea to where it is now. Being a founder and an investor myself, it has been a privilege to see how Ismail spotted an original scalable idea and put the hard work to convert it into a tangible company. Innovation is the spark born through a real-life encounter, and Ismail is lucky to have gone through the process of being a student and spotted opportunity to solve a real-life challenge.

He has built a sound team around him who are as passionate as he is. The timing is perfect for Univiser. With the covid induced acceleration in remote “everything” Univiser did well poised to make a significant impact.

I am very supportive of their vision and goals, and am very confident, with a strong focus on execution Univiser can transform the way students find education opportunities around the world.

Bandula Egodage


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With the COVID-19 pandemic prevailing worldwide, there is no better time than now for APIIT to partner with UNIVISER, enabling prospective students to safely and virtually gain a comprehensive understanding of the institute’s study programmes, faculty and campus life at the early stages even without visiting APIIT and in a more interactive format that creates a unique experience.

Dr. Bhawana Chawla

Head of Business & Admissions

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We are delighted with our partnership with UNIVISER. We look forward to benefitting from the brilliant tech platform provided by UNIVISER which we believe will make our enrollment marketing more effective. The platform will help our future students' decision making easier by helping them interact with our student ambassadors.

Sampath Soysa

Head of Marketing

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They say ONE simple word of recognition coming from a friend is worth more than a million rupees spent over advertising and marketing. This was one of the major marketing strategies that we were very much relying on, which brought success to Imperial College of Business Studies for many years.

I was fascinated by the solution provided by UNIVISER that is a timely and important solution for any educational institution. Since this process is something that we used to practice at our organisation in a very different format, we were well aware about the importance and immediately understood the product and how it will simplify our enrollment process in a more digitalised modern and interesting format that will enhance the enthusiasm of the current generation to get in touch with us. We are very satisfied and appraise the professional approach of the UNIVISER Team , the continuous support they are providing our ambassadors and the attitude they carry with the sincere interest on upgrading the current standards in the way we approach and build sustainable relationships with our prospective students.

Overall I would like to quote that this was one of the best decisions we made to take our student-institution relationship to the NEXT LEVEL.

I need to thank Ismail and his team for the undying efforts, and the dedication that they put in to make our objectives realised through the system.

Dr. Arindam Banerjee

Associate Professor and Deputy Director

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Peer learning is at the heart of SP Jain’s programs and if this peer-to-peer learning (P2P) comes before joining the program it’s a bonus. Our partnership with UNIVISER is the perfect way to accomplish this. UNIVISER’s P2P platform not only builds a bridge between prospective students and already enrolled students but it also helps in bringing transparency and authenticity of information that is much needed in today’s world... I am sure that this partnership would create coherent synergy and result in long standing mutual benefits...

Raj Nambiar


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University of Bolton, Academic Centre – Ras Al Khaimah was one of the first institutions to enter into a collaborative agreement with UNIVISER to connect with prospective students. The intent to provide first-hand information to students wanting to know more about the University of Bolton besides glean additional inputs on specific programs of study, teaching quality, learning experience all attributes which otherwise are difficult to ascertain before joining any institution. In this case the UNIVISER platform enabled prospective students to interact with current students from different programs in real time which has made a real difference in students joining the various programs at the University of Bolton after seeking and receiving all the requisite information prior to enrolling.

Tatum D’Souza

Marketing Coordinator at RIC

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Where we used to have 2-3 people handling incoming inquiries, the UNIVISER Buddy system now gives us a team of buddies who handle the first wave inquires. This has been an amazing implementation, we have savings in terms of time and effort, and the inquires are being filtered before it reaches the student counselors. The first wave of inquiries are answered openly honestly, and promptly (now more so because of the app), by a team of tech savvy students, who are able to offer an expert opinion and relate to initiators of the queries who are all, aspiring students looking for great educational options.

The UNIVISER Buddy system is effortless to use on the front end, and our student buddies have a great interface which promotes prompt and easy responses. The backend monitoring is precise and detailed tailored for the ease of monitoring all levels across the system. This has been a truly astounding transformation and we have noticed that our leads through the buddy system are qualified and have already created lasting connections with our buddies which lead to better conversions!

Robert Meeder

Chief Executive Officer at AOD

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It's been an absolute pleasure to have worked with the UNIVISER team and their Buddy program. From the get go the team was extremely patient, supportive and quick to react and respond to our needs! Having worked in academia from 15+ years, I have never seen or experienced anything like Buddy which is a great solution that takes student engagement to a whole new level!

Fakhre Alam

Admissions & Marketing executive

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UNIVISER platform has provided us a lot of potential enrollments and it helps to build trust between the students. It is very important for the prospect to feel comfortable once they visit the website and UNIVISER is the platform to be adopted. The dashboard is super friendly, responsive and efficient. Admin can manage both the prospects and the buddies. The prospects can get in touch with the ambassadors and understand the environment and the culture of the university. It is very easy to get on board and integrate the platform within your website.

Dr. Nirodha Bandara

Academic Director at RIC

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As the first client of UNIVISER in Sri Lanka, Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) is extremely pleased with the product and support of this platform. UNIVISER is able to connect the current students of RIC with prospective students in an effective and friendly manner. The idea of having a familiar face before you join university is a comforting thought for any student. Further, students are able to trust the recommendation of someone they know, rather than trusting the word of a stranger. As RIC always considers the quality of services offered to students, UNIVISER is ideal for the educational institute.

The student buddies of RIC are very keen on using this platform as they understand the benefit it could bring a prospective student. They have stated that they too would have benefited from such an interaction when they joined RIC. As they understand the benefit themselves, the RIC buddies are extremely supportive in helping prospective students.

Further, the UNIVISER platform has been beneficial during the recent COVID-19 pandemic that affected the entire world. Even though prospective students are unable to visit RIC, they are able to inquire about RIC through the UNIVISER platform enabling RIC to maintain an online presence.

The UNIVISER platform was exceptionally easy to set up and is user-friendly to manage. The team at UNIVISER, led by Mr. Ismail Sadurdeen are highly cooperative and prompt in helping RIC manage the platform. I would like to thank them for their constant support and continuous improvement to further enhance the features of the platform. On behalf of the academic staff of RIC, I would like to wish the best of luck to the team of UNIVISER.

What Students Ambassabors say about us


Student Ambassador at RIC

As a student ambassador I have had the honor of helping several lost souls in search of information and opinions on certain matters. Commencing the obstacle-packed journey that is university, is no easy feat. Therefore, coming to the aid of the to-be university students through the Student Buddy Program is an excellent means for ensuring that they are comfortable in this new environment. It is an efficient and quite essential platform for students everywhere, and I truly believe that it is invaluable at this time, especially considering the current situation that we find ourselves in. I look forward to receiving more inquiries and having more intriguing discussions in the future.

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