Prospect Module

A peer-to-peer platform which allows prospective students / parents to chat with a current university student (ambassador/volunteer) before applying!

What your future students will see

What your university admin will see

What your student ambassador will see

Mobile app for Student Ambassador

How it works?


Data Collection
Collect data on students exploring with society or sport club to you.

Easily share on social media to make people aware of the various student opportunities.

Collect high quality data on students exploring which society or sport to join. We are GDPR compliant.

Securely hosted on Amazon Web Services
Zero hardware cost

Stand Out
Stand out from other students' unions by being technologically forward

Community Engagement
Build an online community of champions to talk positively about your institution

Enable current students to engage and alleviate anxieties that prospects may have when weighing their university options

Insider Scoop
Personalised responses for questions about university life and application tips which they otherwise would not have access to

Go beyond the brochures and learn more about extracurricular opportunities from the current students

Ability to make meaningful connections across the globe

Be recognised and rewarded by the university for their service

Conveniently takes place entirely online via a secure mobile friendly platform

Mobile app for current student
Interact with prospective student via native mobile app