Alumni Module

A peer-to-peer platform that allows your current students to get e-mentored by volunteer mentors / alumni

What your future students will see

What your university admins will see

What your volunteers will see

Mobile app for volunteers


LinkedIn Profile
A private LinkedIn profile for your educational institute

Engage alumni network at scale, keep them up to date with campus news, events, etc

Share and shout out on social media, to generate word of mouth, engagement, and buzz

Monitor progress of mentees
e.g. How many CVs were reviewed?

Securely hosted on Amazon Web Services
Zero hardware cost

Stand Out
A real-time personalised solution to stand out from the competition

Build trust amongst students, alumni

Giving Back
Alumni can easily give back their time via the online portal from anywhere around the world in just a few clicks

Community Engagement
Build an online community of champions to talk positively about your institution

Improve employability rankings
As alumni mentors would help current students with employment, internship advice and opportunities, the employability rate of your university will considerably improve.

Return On Investment
Increase student recruitment numbers as readily available mentors will entice new students to sign up to your school as they get added benefit compared to just a degree.
Increase conversion rates as prospects begin to gain knowledge about the university through multiple streams in advance.

Being a mentor is a rewarding and satisfying endeavor

Get recognised via the university recognition schemes

Networking opportunities with fellow mentors

Ability to get advice, guidance and mentorship from university alumni

Helps students to learn networking skills, build relationships, and consider their next steps after graduation

Ability to explore relevant opportunities through the alumni network