5 Things COVID-19 took away from freshers

August 30, 2021

1. Freshers Fair

Fresher’s of 2020 will never get the feeling of walking into campus and being greeted by a giant mascot and over 100 smiling strangers handing them leaflets and convincing them why their club is the best fit. Ah! Going home with a University tote bag full of junk and promising you’ll look through them as soon as you go home, but that never happens until you are moving out of your dorm. Story of EVERY student!

2. Freshers Flu

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a lecture hall and hearing more coughs and sneezes than the lecture itself. All the lecturers would look at those non sneezers and say the FLU IS COMING!

P.s: Let’s be grateful about this one considering these are also the symptoms of the Pandemic!

3. Being the FRIENDLIEST VERSION of yourself

The adrenaline rush and excitement of being in a new place gives you a tingling feeling in your fingers and toes and you want to talk to EVERYONE. You might end up meeting THE ONE (This is the friend that you latch onto and spend every waking minute with) or you become friends with people that you constantly want to avoid for the rest of your degree, due to your social awkwardness and hatred for small talk.

4. Freshers Nights

If you live on campus and the party is at your University club, you will definitely have a ball getting on the bus which will be your provided mode of transportation to the venue during fresher’s nights. The things you witness there and more so the fun you have with the people you meet there are irreplaceable.

5. No Free Food

The amount of free food you get to hog during fresher’s week is hazardous but totally worth it. That week, your University survival tactics get unleashed and you appreciate FREE FOOD and understand its true worth. Clubs and societies hosting their meet and greets and gauging on pizzas whilst deciding if this club is for you is the best FEELING ever.

Ps – You never attend another one of those meetings unless it’s one of those nights where they are giving out free food!

It’s an era of change, however as we find our place in this new normal, we at UNIVISER have been working hard to make sure that some aspects of fresher’s week can be virtually fulfilled. Our product univiser.io for clubs and societies focuses on putting members of a particular society in touch with a prospective student, more like a one on one meet and greet at a fresher’s fair and then expand on that relationship. Obviously there’s no free pizza so it’s not the same BUT it’s BETTER, because in this time of uncertainty, Fresher’s need more directed support and guidance than ever before.

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