The Blackboard Project Partners with UNIVISER To help Sri Lankan students obtain admission and scholarships to top universities worldwide

March 30, 2022

Founder & CEO of UNIVISER Ismail Sadurdeen and Founder of The Blackboard Project Raeez Ul Haq

Getting into an Ivy League university in the USA or a Russel Group university in the UK is no easy feat. The admission process is very competitive and even if you do end up passing the many hurdles to get offered a place, the forever depreciating Sri Lankan Rupee makes it a very costly investment beyond the reach of many.

That is exactly where The Blackboard Project can help you. The Blackboard project aims to connect prospective students with Sri Lankan alumni who have studied at these prestigious institutions worldwide to share their experience and help them with the admission process, scholarship and visa process.

The Founder of The Blackboard Project Raeez Ul Haq says the reason for him starting this initiative is that he was a victim of asymmetric information when applying for college overseas. Having studied at a non-English speaking local school and being the first in his family to go abroad he did not have anyone to guide and advise him, thereby he was not aware of the top colleges or how to apply for a scholarship. Through this new initiative, he hopes to help the next generation of Sri Lankans.

The Blackboard Project partnered with Tech Startup Univiser, a Peer-to-Peer alumni e-mentoring platform to help facilitate and scale the alumni e-mentoring which is an integral part of their initiative. Founder of Univiser, Ismail Sadurdeen stated, “We are very excited to partner with The Blackboard project as their technology partner by providing them with a scalable solution to make data-driven decision to help better serve students and parents inquiring through Blackboards custom UNIVISER platform.”

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