CSA Becomes the First High School to Partner with UNIVISER

March 30, 2022

The Colombo School of Arts and Sciences (CSA) is an International School that focuses on providing a comprehensive and transformational educational experience to young people who are 11 years and older, with the Cambridge secondary school study programme. CSA has not only been dedicated to providing their students with a good academic foundation, but also to ensure that their students cultivate creativity, responsibility and self-esteem so that each grow up to be well rounded and successful adults. While CSA has already been showcasing the experiences of alumni, teachers and students who have attended and worked at the school in their series ‘Open your eyes’; they have also recently partnered with UNIVISER, a Singaporean-Sri Lankan tech start-up that provides an easy-to-use platform designed to connect prospective students to student ambassadors or alumni of the school, in order to let prospective students, understand exactly what life is like at CSA.

CSA understands that in modern society, everything has become incredibly competitive. Academic achievement alone does not guarantee the same level of success, which is why they have such a strong focus on blending in other vital life skills into their secondary school education programme, including practical know-how, soft skills and strength of character. CSA also ensures that all students are given a wide range of extracurricular opportunities, along with strong learning support that includes customised study programmes, counselling, career guidance and industry internships, thereby giving CSA students quite the head start on other applicants in the job market in whatever field they hope to enter due to an earned confidence in their abilities.


Committed to ensuring that each student’s school experience is as good as it possibly can be, and therefore to guarantee that all prospective students understand how the CSA model of education is different and truly holistic, CSA has pledged to connect these prospective students with student alumni and ambassadors through the tech platform UNIVISER, which ensures that an unbiased, honest and objective view of the school is communicated to any student hoping to join.

UNIVISER is a platform that has now partnered with around 20 universities around the world in less than 2 years since its inception. The platform offers a chat-based system that allows you to effortlessly connect with past students, getting a genuine judgement and testimonial of a school through someone who has attended. Up to this point, UNIVISER has been a platform primarily used for colleges and universities, however, CSA has made the ambitious decision to utilise it at a high school level to enhance their student recruitment process.

With this addition, CSA has only continued to enhance its strong focus on providing quality transformational education, giving all their students the experience, they deserve with a strong foundation for life and an incredibly supportive network of alumni.