How we were able to generate $8000+ USD worth of free marketing mileage for our customer

June 24, 2021


In most developing countries, especially in Asia, parents tend to be key decisionmakers when it comes to sending their children to seek higher education – this is mainly because of the large expenses they plan to incur for their children. As part of a university’s recruitment strategy, tailoring marketing activities to reach specific decision makers is pivotal to success.


While it may seem that digital marketing has taken over our lives, there will always be a place for print media and traditional marketing approaches – especially when targeting older generations who we know can be key decisionmakers for a university’s future customer base. Therefore, it is not wrong to assume that seeing an article on print or on television will give your university and its courses more credibility.


So, how did we use UNIVISER’s unique value proposition to our customer advantage?

We partnered with our customer to organize an official launch event of the UNIVISER platform to coincide with our customer UNIVISER Go Live date. To do this, we invited the press, students, alumni, parents and well-wishers!

With help from UNIVISER’s in-house copywriters, our blurb (custom written for our customer) was widely circulated across all major print media outlets in the country. The communication praised the app’s novel features which allow prospective students and/or parents to chat in real-time with a current Student Buddy at the institute of interest from the comfort of their home but still get an insider scoop about our customer university.

That week we saw a 300% spike of incoming traffic on our customer's platform.

Our customer invested a mere $300 USD to organize the event, spending on light refreshments and event logistics for the press launch. We realized that as media outlets are under pressure to publish content daily, and often, when presented with an innovative product or service, they are also willing to publish content free of charge. As a result, our customer got an ROI of 2600% from this free publicity!

As you can imagine, we at UNIVISIER, are not a traditional SAAS company. We are committed to going the extra mile by collaborating with our customers to succeed!